Sanitation for Communicable Diseases

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Highly contagious, sometimes fatal, communicable diseases can cripple a company’s ability to operate.  Even when precautions are taken, there is a risk of spreading a virus to others, as evidenced by the situation we see on cruise ships.  What makes Covid-19 even more difficult to manage is that employees can be contagious without displaying any symptoms.

We are hearing of more and more situations where packaging companies are busier than normal and operating with fewer employees.  This, along with having staff employees working from home, the need for additional internal and external communications, securing raw materials and other supplies, and training and retraining employees on personal hygiene is taxing all personnel. At a time when extra due diligence is required, quality and safety employees, management, and supervisors are busier than ever.

While it is important to rise to the occasion and keep supply lines going, senior management must recognize the need to ensure the safety and wellness of their employees. Managing the stress and demands put on staff and workers is an important aspect to staying healthy.  Senior management will have to oversee all aspects of the operation, including an effective sanitation program.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

The cleaning and disinfecting activities shall be carried out by employees trained  in the use of chemicals and cleaning products, and on how to properly clean the areas identified.

It is also important to take an inventory of cleaning and disinfectant supplies to ensure there is no future shortage. Once the sanitation program is developed and you have identified projected usage, contact vendors to secure supplies.

The areas identified will depend on the frequency of use and risk of cross contamination. For example, an operator working alone may need only sanitize the workstation at the end of the shift whereas areas involving several workers using the same machinery may require a higher level of attention and frequency. Your risk analysis will determine the appropriate procedures to put in place. This is the time to revisit the program you have to assess whether there is a need to enhance activities.

To assist you in assessing your sanitation plan, we have developed a list of Cleaning and Disinfecting Best Practices.

For companies wishing to implement a full product and process safety management program, PAC PAC Global and IFS International Featured Standards offer the IFS PACsecure standard.

We are here to help. If you require assistance from a packaging safety expert or require training, visit the IFS PACsecure website for a list of IFS Partners.

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