IFS Global Markets PACsecure Program


Manage your risks and drive Continuous Improvement

An easy entry into effective product safety and quality processes!

IFS Global Markets PACsecure is a development program for assessing packaging material manufacturing relating to product safety and quality. It helps gradually build risk-based and optimised product safety and quality management processes and capacity building. The program leads companies on a path towards IFS PACsecure certification, if desired, on which they can set the pace and milestones together with their customers.

With IFS Global Markets PACsecure, businesses can develop processes that enable them to meet both legal and customer requirements step by step. At the same time, they will learn to work more efficiently and economically and lay the foundation for further growth and scalability.

The objective of the global markets program is to facilitate market access locally, create mutual acceptance along the supply chain, and provide a framework for mentoring, developing and assessing packaging companies. The program includes a protocol to incrementally drive the continuous improvement process in the quality and product safety management systems.

Moreover, it offers a flexible application of the stepwise approach in the sense of time, starting level, and final level to achieve.

IFS Global Markets PACsecure follows a risk-based, non-prescriptive approach. It enables custom solutions that take the specific production circumstances into account. Companies can then determine the best-suited methods to control hazards and manage risks.

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Start your online or in-person training with one of the IFS approved training centres.


Implement on your own or tap into the expertise and experience of a recognized IFS Consultant.


Conduct an internal audit prior to your external assessment to identify gaps.

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"International Featured Standards PACsecure raises the bar in meeting new stringent government regulations to protect consumers."

— Jay Ashworth
Associated Labels and Packaging

"We chose IFS PACsecure as the standard we felt best met our goals of food safety, quality requirements and guidelines. "

— Tony Christian
Color Ad Packaging

"The integration of the IFS PACsecure standard and practices has contributed to BOXmaster providing something unique in our market."

— Greg Reid
  • Internationally Accepted

  • By Industry for Industry

  • Risk Based and Non-Prescriptive

IFS PACsecure Packaging Safety Standard

IFS PACsecure is a packaging safety and quality Standard applicable to manufacturers and converters of primary and secondary packaging materials. IFS PACsecure is the ideal certification for both food and non-food packaging, accepted by brand owners worldwide.

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