IFS Consultant

Become a Recognized IFS Consultant


Recognized IFS Consultants are trained, knowledgeable professionals who demonstrate their expertise and knowledge by joining the IFS.

Benefit and grow your business through a listing on the IFS PACsecure website, professional training, access to support material and tools, and use of the IFS logo for promotional purposes.

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Expand Your Services

The demand for IFS PACsecure certification is growing. Companies are looking for expertise and training services to help them navigate the implementation process.

Become a Recognized IFS Training Provider

Benefit from the IFS registered consultant program by becoming an IFS listed Trainer. Recognized consultants can easily become listed as an IFS Training Provider and provide official IFS courses. IFS registered consultants can provide IFS Trainings in the area for which they are registered without any additional training and payment.  IFS Training Providers offer industry courses on the basis of official IFS Training Material.


IFS Website

  • Listing as IFS Training Provider

  • Recognized Trainers are visible

  • Link on the IFS Website to your upcoming training

IFS Support

  • Marketing material for branding

  • Introduction course from the training developer

  • Direct contact to IFS and IFS Experts

IFS Academy

  • Large training portfolio

  • Up-to-date and structured material

  • Material can be adapted to the individual market needs

  • Training in pptx format, easy to edit and translate

  • Licensed training material

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