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JUNE 2021

  • New IFS Doctrine for IFS PACsecure version 1.1
  • New Version of IFS PACsecure Coming Up
  • IFS launches IFS Global Markets PACsecure in July


  • IFS Audit now IFS Assessment
  • Introducing the IFS Split Assessment
  • Unannounced audit/assessment rule
  • Product Safety Culture
  • How to control parcel service providers
  • IFS PACsecure version 2 next steps


  • Doctrine Published in August 2020
  • Next Steps in Developing a Remote Option
  • Statistics Confirm IFS Policy regarding Covid-19
  • Covid-19 Related Tools should a Certificate Expire

JUNE 2020

  • Downloads related to COVID-19
  • IFS FAQ for the Industry Regarding COVID-19 - Version 2
  • The Importance and Value of Internal Audits

MAY 2020

  • Guidance on Crisis Management Concerning the COVID-19 Crisis
  • IFS WordCloud - Risk Monitoring Tool
  • IFS PACsecure and COVID-19 Webinar

APRIL 2020

  • Best Practices for Communicable Disease Management
  • Pandemic Crisis Management Plan
  • Certificate Renewals
  • IFS Global Markets PACsecure Program
  • IFS PACsecure Technical Update
  • Webinar - IFS PACsecure Food Safety Standard and COVID-19

MARCH 2020

  • 2019 in Review
  • IFS Global Markets PACsecure is coming in 2020!
  • The IFS Supplemental Modules for Packaging Industry (ISM) are now available for combined audits
  • IFS PACsecure Technical Update


  • Certification Statistics
  • Download the new IFS PACsecure logo
  • website
  • IFS PACsecure Version 2 Progress Reviews
  • Article - Packaging Materials An Important Link in the Food Safety Supply Chain


  • Find all information on our Packaging Standard in One Place at
  • On Its Way: IFS PACsecure Version 2
  • Combined Audits for IFS PACsecure and Auditone Supplemental Modules
  • IFS Scoring System in a Nutshell
  • Common Deviation


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