IFS PACsecure Newsletter – October 2022

In this newsletter, we inform you quarterly about relevant developments and technical updates regarding the IFS PACsecure standard and Global Markets PACsecure program.

IFS PACsecure version 3 working group update

The IFS PACsecure Technical Working Group (TWG) met in August to continue reviewing the standard. The focus of this meeting was to discuss the comments provided for the TWG members on part 1, the IFS PACsecure Certification Protocol, of the draft document. The main topics addressed were:

  • Clarification on product sampling, initial audits, unannounced audits, and specific terms.
  • Changes to the IFS Scoring System and its impact on the assessment of requirements and action plan.
  • Improvements in wording and examples.

Auditors’ Findings – Deviations and Non-conformances

We have taken a sample of IFS PACsecure audit reports issued in 2022 and are happy to see mostly good or very good audit results. We found no knockouts and only one major score. 

Still, we see that certain requirements became D-scoring more often. Here is a list of the top 10 D-rated requirements: 

  • Water quality monitoring and sampling (
  • Outsourced products written agreements (4.4.7)
  • Foreign materials risk management (4.12.1)
  • Traceability of WIP and rework (4.18.5)
  • Use of wood (4.12.10)
  • Wall cleanliness (
  • External doors and gates (
  • Water potability (
  • Personal Hygiene (3.2.1)
  • Cleaning and disinfection schedules (4.10.1)  

The only major was given for foreign materials risk management (4.12.1), an issue that also ranks high in the top deviations list.

Should you need to improve your performance in this field, we recommend the IFS Guideline for Effective Foreign Body Management. It is available as a free download to give you guidance.

IFS PACsecure Tech Talks

In the September tech talk, Pius Gasser, IFS Representative in North America and technical expert, covered the steps to developing a solid environmental monitoring program. These include conducting a risk assessment, determining tests, testing points, and acceptable limits, and having an effective mitigation plan. Over 60 participants from different continents attended the online event. They gained practical insights that they can apply in their companies and valued the practice-oriented approach of the tech talk. 

Our 30-minute virtual IFS PACsecure tech talks, hosted by PAC Global, focus on various topics related to the standard requirements. Follow us on LinkedIn and visit our website at ifs-packaging.com to stay informed about upcoming IFS Tech Talks and other IFS PACsecure news.

IFS PACsecure standard and global markets program translated

Did you know that the IFS PACsecure standard and doctrine are available in six languages, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese? You can download the documents here.

The Global Markets PACsecure program is available in English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. You will find them on our website.


New certification fee

Our certification fee will increase to 425 Euro, effective 1 January 2023. Certification bodies will pass this expense to you. The fee increase becomes necessary because of rising prices. However, we would like to emphasise that companies certified or assessed to an IFS Standard or Program can use many of our services and tools, such as the IFS Database, Trend Risk Monitor, Software, App, Pathway, and Guidelines, at no additional cost. We constantly invest in further developing and improving our standards, programs, services, and tools to allow you to operate successfully in your markets with IFS. Learn more about our tools here

The IFS Pathway platform improves your knowledge and skills

The unique free IFS Pathway platform is an ideal source of knowledge if you are working with the IFS Global Markets program or are already certified to an IFS Standard. You will find guides, best practices, training materials, case studies, and much more technical information to help you improve your product safety and quality management skills. To use the IFS Pathway, you need to register first. Therefore, login to the IFS Database to find a description of the registration process under “download documents”. For more information go to our website

Explore the IFS PACsecure website for additional helpful guidelines and resources.  Recognised IFS Consultants are available to help with training, implementation guidance, and internal auditing. Find a consultant.


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