IFS PACsecure Newsletter – July 2022

IFS PACsecure Working Group Begins Review of version 2 

We are pleased to report that the working group met in June to begin a review of the packaging standard. This 30-member group is comprised of various stakeholders throughout industry who come together to enhance the standard to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Mark your calendar for our upcoming tech talk

Starting this fall, we will be hosting 30-minute live virtual technical talks on various topics to share guidance and best practices in relation to the IFS PACsecure checklist topics. Join us at 12:00 noon EDT/UTC-4 on September 27th to hear our industry expert share his knowledge and experience. 

IFS TECH TALK: Environmental Monitoring Explained – Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 12 PM EDT –  Register

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Are you already using the IFS Pathway platform?

The IFS Pathway is the ideal knowledge platform if you are working with the IFS Global Markets program or are already certified. This IFS tool provides you with the knowledge and skills to further develop your product safety and quality management system. Whether you are preparing for your first IFS Assessment or for recertification, you will find these valuable resources help deepen your technical know-how on specific topics.  If you are IFS certified, in the IFS Database you have a description of the registration process under “download documents”. If preparing for your first assessment, learn more about the Pathway here.


Transition from IFS PACsecure version 1.1 to version 2

IFS offers several resources to help companies transition to the new version.  
•    Video giving an overview of what’s new in version 2
•    Checklist comparing version 1.1 to version 2 (download)
•    Internal Audit checklist (download)

Recognized IFS Consultants are available to help you with training, implementation, internal auditing, and guidance. Find a consultant.


Are you ESG ready? The new IFS ESG Check defines your position and gives orientation

The upcoming Supply Chain Act and the EU’s Green Deal program require companies to address sustainability. The pending regulations may affect many companies,  including you and your suppliers. 

The new IFS ESG Check offers small and medium-sized companies an entry into this complex topic. It helps you to understand your operations’ sustainability and integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. The unique combination of self-assessment and verification offered by the IFS ESG Check ensures that the data are robust and trustworthy. The result provides an excellent foundation to comply with stakeholders’ expectations and new regulations and plan further steps. 

For more information on the IFS ESG Check, suitable training offers, and to download the relevant documents, visit our website: www.ifs-esgcheck.com
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