IFS PACsecure Newsletter – April 2022

This IFS PACsecure newsletter informs IFS PACsecure certified sites, Global Markets PACsecure assessed businesses and other relevant stakeholders about current topics relating to IFS Certification and Assessments.

IFS PACsecure version 2 becomes mandatory on May 3rd, 2022

From May 3rd on, assessments to IFS PACsecure are to the new version 2 of the standard. Version 1.1 will no longer be applicable. You can download Version 2 of the standard and doctrine found on the Training and Tools page.

Transitioning from version 1.1 to version 2 

IFS offers several resources to help companies transition to the new version.  

Visit the  Training and Tools page for additional helpful guidelines and resources.  Recognized IFS Consultants are also available to help.  Find a consultant.

IFS PACsecure Webinar: Meeting Packaging Safety, Quality, and Compliance – April 20th, 2022

Presenters Patrick Subban and John Winters will share their learning and experience implementing the IFS PACsecure standard. Join us to hear about evaluating, qualifying, and monitoring suppliers; assessing materials and their suitability for the intended use; steps to meeting customer and regulatory requirements; sustaining the product safety and quality management system; and the value of internal audits.  Learn more and register today!

Getting started down the path to certification with IFS GLOBAL MARKETS PACsecure

IFS offers two options to implement the packaging safety and quality management system, the IFS PACsecure standard and the program. They both result in a certification but take different approaches to get there. For those companies wanting to get started but have limited resources to devote, the IFS Global Markets Program may be the best option. To learn more, watch this video

The impact of the war in Ukraine on IFS certified sites

We hear about the consequences of the war in our supply chains. For example, pallet shortages have been due to an interruption of wood exports from Russia and Ukraine to the EU. To give IFS certified businesses guidance in this extraordinary situation, we have summarised our recommendations in this blog post. 

Reminder – Register in time for an unannounced assessment

Remember that your certification body must register your unannounced assessment in the IFS Database before the time window starts. Should you have changed your CB in the meantime, you need to ensure that the new CB updates the information in the IFS Database and changes the registration before the unannounced assessment occurs. Also, be sure to advise your CB of any blackout dates!


IFS is on its way towards IFS Food version 8

In March, we announced the revision of the IFS Food Standard. We will adapt the standard to the new Codex Alimentarius and upcoming ISO 22003-2 and consider the feedback from our stakeholders regarding version 7. In June, after the consultation on the version 8 draft in April, the IFS Committees will review the results. We will finalise the checklist, plan the next steps, and keep you updated regularly on the progress. 


Get certified with the help of IFS Recognized Consultants

Keep up to date, save time and resources, and get clarification about the IFS PACsecure requirements by accessing the experience and knowledge of IFS Recognized Consultants. 

Find a qualified consultant.


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