IFS PACsecure Newsletter – October 2021

IFS PACsecure News and Notifications October 2021

The IFS PACsecure Newsletter informs IFS PACsecure certified sites, IFS Global Markets PACsecure assessed businesses and other IFS stakeholders about current topics relating to the standard and program. The newsletter comes quarterly and contains relevant information regarding IFS Certification and assessments.

IFS achieves GFSI Benchmark

End of August GFSI, the Consumer Goods Forum and IFS announced that IFS has successfully achieved recognition against GFSI’s Benchmarking Requirements Version 2020.1. The recognition encompasses IFS Food version 7, IFS Broker version 3.1, IFS Logistics version 2.3 and IFS PACsecure version 2. These standards contribute to making a considerable part of the food supply chain safer. GFSI recognition is an essential prerequisite for IFS Stakeholders. Read more

The IFS Pathway is online

The IFS Pathway is a platform containing technical content and practical resources relating to the IFS Global Markets programs and IFS Standards. It is our latest tool that accompanies companies on their journey towards IFS Certification. IFS is the first and only certification program owner to offer such a unique and comprehensive collection of valuable and practical materials to support the knowledge and skills development of companies assessed to its programs or standards. The IFS Pathway is free for IFS PACsecure assessed sites and those companies preparing for their initial IFS Assessment.
Learn more

Updates regarding IFS PACsecure version 2

Since the launch of version 2 on July 15th, 2021, IFS has published the following helpful resources. Visit the Training and Tools page to download these and other related documents.

  • Factsheet explaining key features and what’s new in version 2, the benefits and support by IFS
  • Checklist showing the comparison of requirements between the two standard versions
  • Excel tool to perform internal audits

Version 2 assessments are possible from January 3rd, 2022.  IFS will accept both Version 1.1 and Version 2 until May 2nd, 2022.  Only Version 2 is applicable from May 3rd.

Resources available for the IFS Global Markets PACsecure Program

IFS officially launched the IFS Global Markets PACsecure in July and, at the same time, the ability to perform assessments to the program. These resources are now available.

  • Factsheet about the new program
  • Internal audit software IFS auditxpressX to perform internal audits
  • Checklist comparing the IFS PACsecure Standard and Global Markets Program

Coming soon: IFS PACsecure and Global Markets PACsecure webinar

PAC Global will be hosting a complimentary webinar on October 27th, 2021, to provide an overview of the packaging standard and program.  REGISTER HERE

New IFS Representative in the Benelux

Hanneke Veltman has recently joined the IFS Team. Hanneke is a member of the IFS Integrity Program team and officially represents IFS in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. IFS is delighted to have Hanneke, who has extensive knowledge of the market, on the team. She is a food technologist who held several positions at leading companies within the Dutch food industry before taking over Kroonenburg Advies, a consultancy specialised in HACCP and quality assurance. Here, she also has qualified and gained experience as a lead assessor. Hanneke has sold the company recently and looks forward to her new challenge with IFS now. Read more. For more information about regional IFS contacts, visit: https://www.ifs-certification.com/index.php/en/ifs/contact-person

Allowing witness auditors, IFS Integrity Program auditors, and trainees access to IFS Certified Businesses

It sometimes happens that sites that are certified to one of the IFS Standards refuse to give witness auditors, IFS Integrity Program (IP) auditors or trainees access to their premises. We fully understand that this is a sensitive topic, especially in the pandemic when businesses might be reluctant to accept more visitors. Here, we would like to stress that all auditors previously mentioned are professionals. You can be sure that they are aware of all safety and hygiene regulations and behave accordingly. We also realise that not every site may be familiar with the reasons for working with witness auditors, IP auditors and trainees. Here, we have listed some arguments:

– It guarantees the competence of the IFS Auditors and quality of the IFS Assessment or Audit: Performing witness audits every two years is a mandatory requirement for IFS Auditors. This way, the certification bodies (CBs) regularly check their performance. New auditors are witnessed when performing their initial IFS Assessment/Audit. Passing it is one of the requirements of being approved as an IFS Auditor. We attach great importance to the qualification of auditors so that certified sites can rely on the competence of the IFS Auditor. It ensures the quality of our audits and the reliability of the IFS Certificates.

– It is a prerequisite for the recognition of IFS Certificates: IFS Food, Logistics, PACsecure and Broker are GFSI recognised schemes and accredited by national accreditation bodies. To comply with the requirements of GFSI, the accreditation body and IFS, certification bodies must perform witness audits to monitor the performance of the auditors regularly. For many IFS certified businesses, the accreditation and GFSI recognition is an essential prerequisite that their customers expect.

– It ensures the integrity of IFS Certificates: Auditors from the IFS Integrity Program (IP Auditors) work on behalf of IFS and perform witness audits and integrity onsite checks. During the witness audits, they check the performance of the auditor as part of IFS’s quality assurance. Certified businesses must always allow the IFS IP Auditor access to their premises.

Witness Audits are essential for us to rely on capable auditors and guarantee the quality of the IFS Assessments and Audits. Accordingly, the CB always includes a clause in the contract with its client determining the obligation always to allow witness auditors access. Also, the CBs are responsible for informing clients about the current version of Annex 4 of the Framework Agreement, which sets the responsibilities regarding the Integrity Program. Accordingly, all certified companies must permit the aforementioned auditors access to their facilities.

New unannounced assessment rules – decision about the unannounced assessment 

One of the new IFS Requirements in the GFSI recognised Standards is that at least once every third IFS Assessment must be performed unannounced. The IFS International Technical Committee (ITC) decided that certification bodies will determine in which year the unannounced assessment will take place and will inform you accordingly and well in advance to give you the possibility to get prepared accordingly.

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