IFS PACsecure News – NEW V1.1 Doctrine

In this newsletter, we will update you on the new IFS Doctrine for IFS PACsecure version 1.1. We kindly ask you to take the time to read this newsletter carefully because it contains essential information regarding the IFS PACsecure Certification.

We are glad to inform you that we have published the new IFS PACsecure version 1.1 doctrine today. As a normative document, the doctrine is an integral part of the relevant standard version. The application of newly introduced or adapted rules always begins two (2) months after publication of the relevant version, if not specified otherwise. In addition, the relevant IFS Department will follow up the implementation of the clarifications and rules of the doctrine.

Click here to download the new IFS PACsecure version 1.1 Doctrine from our website

We have included or modified the following topics:

1.     Clarifications about:

  • COID creation rules
  • The obligation to indicate the date of the last unannounced audit on the certificate
  • Unannounced audit registration
  • Performing an unannounced audit after a failed audit

2.     New content related to: 

  • The option to perform part of the audit remotely.
  • Initial audits and first audits according to the new version
  • A new definition about claims.
  • General clarification about reporting
  • Headquarter information on the certificate
  • Form for extraordinary information to be filled out by the certification bodies


Clarification for companies in case of initial audits and first audits according to a new version

In an IFS PACsecure version 1.1 audit, the site is audited to the requirements of IFS PACsecure version 1.1 and the auditor has to evaluate the site’s implementation of those requirements.  Following this, all rules and requirements of the IFS Standard including those where an annual review is requested shall be implemented and validated (e.g. through internal audits, senior management review, etc.) before the annual certification audit. In case of an unannounced audit, all IFS Standard requirements need to be implemented before the audit time window starts.

Clarification about the compulsory field of requirement 5 5.3.2 (process validation and control)

In the compulsory field of requirement 5.3.2, we request the following information:

  • Description of the environmental monitoring parameters and their limits as defined by the company based on a risk assessment. of the environmental monitoring parameters and their limits as defined by the company based on a risk assessment.

Environmental monitoring is a process to assess how effectively the site is being constructed, maintained and cleaned for ensuring the production of conforming products. It typically means monitoring various surfaces (e.g. cutting blades, tables, conveyers) for pathogens or other organisms (e.g.,  moulds or yeast) that could cause spoilage. The goal is to determine whether any pathogens or spoilage organisms are present in the environment and to respond accordingly if a positive result is found.

We expect that the monitoring parameters from the process environment (e.g. bacteriological self-monitoring of the surfaces) are established based on a risk assessment that considers the full range of products and relevant microbiological organisms, and the intended use of packaging materials in goods (e.g., direct/indirect food contact materials, risk of the food product itself, etc.).

If the environmental monitoring is considered as not required, the assessed site shall demonstrate it grounded on its legal/science-based risk assessment; this risk assessment shall consider the site’s whole product range and relevant microbiological organisms.

We hope we have provided you with sufficient information. Should you have questions regarding the IFS PACsecure Standard, you can contact IFS Standard Management: standardmanagement@ifs-certification.com (in English) or an IFS Representative in your country: https://www.ifs-certification.com/index.php/en/ifs/ifs-offices


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