IFS PACsecure Newsletter – June 2021

IFS PACsecure Newsletter – June 2021

In this newsletter, we update you on current topics regarding the IFS PACsecure standard. Here you will find news about the new doctrine for version 1.1, plans for version 2, as well as the introduction of our brand-new Global Markets program. 

New IFS Doctrine for IFS PACsecure version 1.1

At the end of June, IFS will publish a new doctrine for IFS PACsecure version 1.1. As a normative document, the doctrine is an integral part of the relevant standard version. The new doctrine becomes necessary to align version 1.1 with IFS Food version 7 and the GFSI Benchmarking Requirement 2020.1. 

We will provide more detail in our next newsletter upon the publication of the doctrine.

New Version of IFS PACsecure Coming Up 

In July, IFS will publish version 2 of the IFS PACsecure Standard. The new version will have an increased focus on the on-site assessment and less on documentation. Also, we have adopted the new IFS Scoring System which was introduced with the publication of IFS Food version 7 in October 2020. Furthermore, you can expect that version 2 will follow the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements 2020.1. Accordingly, every third IFS PACsecure assessment (audit) will be unannounced. 

We will share more detailed information in a special communication in mid-July. 

IFS launches IFS Global Markets PACsecure in July 

After IFS Global Markets Food, -Logistics and -HPC, IFS will introduce its fourth development program in July. The IFS Global Markets PACsecure helps packaging suppliers gradually develop and optimise risk-based product safety and quality management systems and capacity building. It leads them on a path towards IFS PACsecure certification on which they can set the pace and milestones together with their customers. 

Further information about this program in our special newsletter coming out in mid-July. 


Get certified with the help of recognised IFS Consultants 

Keep up to date, save time and resources, and get clarification about the IFS PACsecure requirements by accessing the experience and knowledge of recognised IFS Consultants. 

Visit our Partner page to locate a consultant, training centre, and certification body.

Your IFS Team

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