IFS PACsecure Newsletter September 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect us all in some way. As the situation evolves, IFS continues to find solutions to support our customers and partners. 

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IFS PACsecure Doctrine published August 2020

The Doctrine is a publication that outlines newly introduced or adapted rules applicable to the Standard.  The purpose is to keep the requirements current and applicable to advancements and market changes. Included in the change:

  • Commitment to Product Safety Culture
  • Management of outsourced processes
  • Mandatory unannounced audit once every third certification audit

For more information, read the Doctrine.

IFS next steps in developing a remote option

IFS is currently developing a split audit option that consists of an on-site and a remote part, with 50% of the audit time for each part. The advantage of the split audit is less disruption for the facility and reduced auditor travel expenses (meals and accommodation). The company and the certification body will decide if the split audit option may sense and may be dependent on the level of document digitization. This will be a topic of discussion with the various IFS committees.

Statistics confirm IFS Policy regarding Covid-19

IFS has been challenged about its Covid-19 Policy to encourage on-site assessments when possible. As of July 2020, more than 2,500 certificates were uploaded to our database, which is only 10 percent less than in 2019. As CB’s have up to eight weeks to upload reports and certificates, these figures refer to audits that were performed in April and May. We see these figures as a confirmation that our decision not to simply extend the expiring IFS certificates, but to push for a new audit, was the right one. 

Covid-19 crisis related tools (should a certification expire)

The IFS Policy regarding Covid-19 remains unchanged. Here is a short overview of our Covid-19 crisis-related tools and documents, including the links to the information on our website: 

IFS Remote Surveillance Checks – for checking supporting management processes where on-site assessments are not possible 

IFS Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Checks – when, after lockdown, on-site checks are possible again, and you need quick feedback GMPs are being maintained.

While these two checks are not accredited, they give customers the assurance that the product quality and safety system is in place. For more information, refer to the FAQ for the Industry document. 


IFS works with selected partners around the globe. Here is a short overview:

Get help from a consultant

Keep up to date, save time and resources, and get clarification about the IFS PACsecure requirements by accessing the experience and knowledge of IFS Recognized Consultants. 

Find an auditor

Find the certification bodies that provide auditing services for IFS PACsecure.

Access training 

The IFS Training Centres offer a variety of industry training to assist with your implementation.  

Visit our Partner page to locate a consultant, training centre, and certification body. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us.


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