IFS PACsecure newsletter May 2020

As many areas of the world start to resume business cautiously, we wish you good health and wellness. This month, IFS has introduced two new resources, a guidance document on crisis management for COVID-19, and the new WordCloud for companies with access to the IFS database.

We hope you find this information of value. Please contact us with your ideas and comments as it will help ensure we are providing information that meets your needs. Email Cheryl Sullivan at sullivan@ifs-certification.com.

Guidance on Crisis Management Concerning the COVID-19 Crisis 

While the long-term outlook of COVID-19 is still uncertain, the pandemic outbreak has been presenting us all with significant business challenges around people and operations. Especially during this long and demanding journey, IFS strives to offer solutions for supporting businesses to navigate through the COVID -19 crisis confidently.

With business continuity being currently the main priority, one of the most important steps right now is the activation and deployment of a crisis management protocol.

In our new guidance, we have collected practical actions, a list of examples, and relevant insights to navigate the emerging challenges and to help your business’s resilience against the COVID-19 crisis.

Download the document for future reference.

NEW – IFS WordCloud – Risk Monitoring Tool

IFS WordCloud helps quality assurance managers identify potential risks in their supply chains. It is a machine learning-based tool that collects food safety alerts from the FDA, EU-RASFF, and FSA. It sorts the warnings by ingredient or hazard and visualizes them in a word cloud. You can see at a glance which products or hazards are currently in vogue on the portals of the three food safety institutions mentioned above.

For more information about this valuable resource, visit the WordCloud article on our blog and the post on Linked In.

IFS PACsecure Webinar Hosted by PAC Packaging Consortium 

On May 13th, we held a webinar to share information about how the IFS PACsecure standard provides the foundation for crisis management.  IFS presenters, Cheryl Sullivan and Pius Gasser, gave an overview of food and packaging safety in North America and the elements of the Standard. Silgan’s Patrick Subban shared the benefits his company has enjoyed since certifying with IFS. We are pleased to report registrants for the webinar represented organizations in 18 countries. 


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