IFS PACsecure Newsletter – March 2020

It is a pleasure to inform you about important news in relation to IFS PACsecure. In this newsletter we bring you information about the results for 2019, the pending release of the IFS Global Markets PACsecure Program, an update on the revision process of IFS PACsecure Version 2 and news about the IFS Supplemental Modules for combined audits.

We hope you find this communication of interest. Please contact us with your ideas and comments as it will help ensure we are providing information that meets your needs. Email Cheryl Sullivan at sullivan@ifs-certification.com.

2019 in Review

  • We are pleased to report a 14% increase in certifications with all companies passing the 233 audits. Furthermore, 94% of the audits passed at the higher level which means the scores exceeded 95%. This speaks to the effectiveness of the IFS Scoring System in driving continuous improvement. Congratulations to all the certified facilities for their stellar performance in keeping their packaging products safe.
  • The IFS PACsecure exclusive webpage was created where all information related to the Standard can be easily found. Go to ifs-packaging.com to learn more.
  • The IFS PACsecure newsletter was launched with 2 publications being distributed to all IFS PACsecure certified companies and IFS contacts in North America.
  • Various activities and events specific to the packaging industry were communicated via direct contact, announcements, and social media. Stay current by following us on Linked InTwitter and YouTube.

IFS Global Markets PACsecure is coming in 2020! 

After a two-year pilot project of the IFS Global Markets PACsecure Program in Brazil with suppliers to BRF, a global producer and exporter of food products, the final version is now under review by the stakeholders. This review process is important to ensure we meet the needs of all interested parties. 

The benefit of the IFS Global Markets PACsecure Program is that it can be implemented by companies who want to go for IFS PACsecure certification through a steppingstone approach.  It is also a good choice for retailers and brand owners to assess their packaging suppliers and to develop them through a gradual approach towards full GFSI certification.

The IFS Supplemental Modules for Packaging Industry (ISM) are now available for combined audits 

We are pleased to release the IFS Supplemental Modules for the packaging industry (ISM). The modules were developed with Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble along with the approval of various other CPG Brand Owners. These packaging modules were created to satisfy the specific requirements for over the counter drugs, cosmetics, and home and laundry products. The Brand Owners request their suppliers to execute combined audits, therefore, all Certification Bodies who are approved to audit IFS PACsecure are now allowed to conduct module audits.

To learn more about the modules and the option to execute combined audits, please contact Daniela Poblete, IFS PACsecure Standard Manager or Pius Gasser, IFS North American Technical Representative

IFS PACsecure Technical Update

The IFS PACsecure Working Group continue to meet to discuss the development of Version 2 of the Standard.  Invaluable contributions were provided in our February 4th meeting with respect to product scope, auditor competencies, terminology, and requirements. In order to meet the needs of all stakeholders, the 30-member working group is made up of a diverse team of certification bodies, consultants, retailers, associations, and industry (food, packaging and logistics).

An improvement to the IFS PACsecure reports in relation to the company profile, and some specific requirements, were implemented. These requirements provide a more significant and descriptive audit report, which will add value to the audited companies and their customers. For more details and be aware of relevant information about current version of IFS PACsecure , check the latest IFS PACsecure Doctrine here: http://ifs-packaging.com/path-to-certification/.


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